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How do you make a walk in humidor room?

How to Build a Walk-In Humidor
  1. Pick the room you would like to use for your humidor.
  2. Install ceramic floor tiles.
  3. Install 100 percent Spanish cedar wall panels.
  4. Install 100 percent Spanish cedar shelves.
  5. Install recessed lights with either LED or compact fluorescent bulbs.
  6. Install an automated humidifier and a thermometer to monitor temperature.

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Thereof, how much does a walk in humidor cost?

Total construction cost of room was $6,421. With furnishings the cost to date is $8,398.

Also, what should I look for in a humidor? What to Look for in a Good Humidor

  • Choose the Best Size. Most humidors are available in 25, 50, 75, and 100-cigar capacities.
  • Reliable Materials. Most humidors are made of hardwood or a composite wood with a cedar veneer on the inside.
  • Check the Seal.
  • Humidification System.
  • How Much Should You Spend.

Also Know, how much is a humidor?

Often it comes down to the materials used and the quality of craftsmanship, but prices are also based on the size of the humidor and the brand. For most smokers, a humidor in the sub $500 range is more than sufficient.

What is a walk in humidor?

A walk-in humidor is any room that is temperature and humidity controlled for the purposes of storing cigars.

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