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How do you make a sink hole bigger?

How to Make the Hole Wider in a Porcelain Sink
  1. Size up the hole with a diamond-tipped drill bit.
  2. Place the bit into your drill and press the bit slightly into the hole.
  3. Begin drilling at slow speed.
  4. Use a diamond-cutting hole saw if the size of the hole cannot be achieved with drill bits.

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In this manner, how do you enlarge a hole in a granite countertop?

Normal Bit When enlarging an existing hole, merely choose a larger bit according to the size you need the hole to be. Center the drill bit on top of the other hole and drill down through, letting the bit eat away at the sides and carve out a larger diameter.

Also, can you drill a hole in a stainless steel sink? Stainless steel sinks typically come with their faucet holes already drilled. If you need to add an additional hole, you can drill it on site with a metal hole saw. The hole site is measured and marked on the front of the sink. Once the hole is drilled, clean the edges up with a metal file.

Just so, how difficult is it to drill stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a very hard material and therefore difficult to cut. Therefore, the tool steel of the twist drill should be made of HSSE-Co 5 (5% cobalt content), HSSE-Co 8 (8% cobalt content) or solid carbide. A tool steel that is too soft would immediately overheat.

Are all kitchen tap holes the same size?

New taps are all made to standard dimensions, but check the hole distances of old baths or basins, in case they are not compatible with mixer taps. Mixer tap holes for baths should be approximately 180mm (7.25in) apart, and 195mm (7.75in) apart for basins.

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