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How do you make a double fold binding?

If you're determined to make your own double-fold bias binding, follow these steps:
  1. Cut strips of fabric four times wider than the desired width of the finished binding.
  2. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together (see a in the following figure).
  3. Press the center fold.

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Also asked, how do you make a double sided binding?

Double Sided Bindings

  1. For a ½" binding, cut a 1" strip from Fabric A and a 1½" strip from Fabric B.
  2. Fold Fabric B in half lengthwise and sew it to Fabric A, matching raw edges and using a ¼" seam.
  3. Sew the remaining raw edge of Fabric A to the edge of the quilt front, using a ¼" seam.
  4. Mitre corners and finish as usual.

Secondly, how do you make binding strips? Make Continuous Crosswise Grain Quilt Binding Strips

  1. Place two fabric strips right sides together, perpendicular to each other as shown, top left.
  2. Mark the top strip on the diagonal, beginning and ending the line at the inward corner where the two strips intersect.

Keeping this in consideration, what is double fold binding?

Double fold binding is a tried-and-true traditional quilt finishing technique. Since double fold binding puts two layers of fabric around the edges of your quilt, it's wonderfully durable and will protect the hard-working borders of your quilt for many generations!

How wide should a quilt binding be?

Cut enough strips (bias or crossgrain) to go around the quilt plus 8" for cornering and seams. Strip width can vary from 2" to 2 1/2" and even wider if you prefer a larger binding than the traditional 1/4" width. Quilt binding strips are generally sewn together with a diagonal seam for the most inconspicuous joining.

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