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How do you make a cement statue?

How to Make a Concrete Garden Statue
  1. Build your statue base by bending hardware cloth into the basic statue shape.
  2. Pull on a pair of rubber gloves for working with concrete.
  3. Mix a solution of concrete and water in a bucket until the solution is the consistency of a mud pie.

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Accordingly, how do you make a concrete statue?

How to Make Concrete Statues

  1. Find an object to mold.
  2. Mix liquid rubber or latex according to the manufacturer's directions.
  3. Add layers of liquid rubber until the mold is thick and sturdy.
  4. Cover the mold with a thick layer of plaster.
  5. Prepare concrete according to the manufacturer's directions.
  6. Reassemble the plaster support piece.

Likewise, how do you make white cement sculptures? Cement Sculpting Mixture

  1. Put on a mask and protective gloves.
  2. Add white portland cement with binder in a 1:1 ratio in a 5-gallon bucket.
  3. Add a concrete latex or joint compound and water in a 1:4 ratio; the latex helps to give the mixture a smooth, clay-like consistency.

Accordingly, how do you make statues?


  1. Sketch your sculpture. Always draw out the sculpture you plan on making first.
  2. Create a base.
  3. Build an armature.
  4. Fill in the basic form.
  5. Move from large forms to smaller ones.
  6. Add in details.
  7. Add in textures.
  8. Cure your sculpture.

How do you make a lightweight concrete statue?

Hypertufa creates a lightweight, porous stone that resembles alpine rock.

  1. Mix a dry solution containing equal ratios of concrete and peat moss in a bucket, or combine equal parts cement, sand, vermiculite and peat moss.
  2. Add water to the dry mix and stir with a trowel until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

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