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How do you make a carpenter bee trap easy?

Each hole should be two inches from the bottom and one and three-quarter inches from each side. Use your 1/2-inch wood bit to make your holes at an upward 45-degree angle. Continue drilling until your hole connects with the hole that you drilled from the bottom. Then, repeat with the remaining holes.

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Also asked, how do you make a bee trap?


  1. Cut away the top third of a clean 2-liter soda bottle. Remove the cap.
  2. Invert the bottle top to nest it in the bottle bottom.
  3. Drill holes and add cord to make a hanging trap.
  4. Use honey or sugar water as bait.
  5. Poison bees with laundry soap.
  6. Position your traps near bee access points.
  7. Check traps every two weeks.

Beside above, where do you put a carpenter bee in your house? If you have an existing carpenter bee infestation, hang it directly over the carpenter bee holes. If you do not have an existing infestation, hang the traps at peaks and corners of your home, preferably on the sunniest side of your house.

People also ask, do carpenter bee traps need bait?

Most carpenter bee traps do not need bait, but it is still an option and may make your trapping mission a bit more effective and/or speed up the results. Like most bee traps, a sweet bait is ideal. This can be a basic mixture of sugar and water, soda, beer, jam, or even some plant oils like mint with water.

How long do carpenter bees live for?

one year

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