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How do you make a butterfly nest box?

Build a Box - or a Woodpile
Narrow entrance slits keep out predators like birds and mice. Inside, place a piece of rough bark where the butterfly can perch. Put the box in a lightly shaded spot, several feet off the ground. Nearby larval host plants, such as nettles, elm and willow may attract potential users.

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Simply so, how do you make a butterfly box?


  1. Use untreated wood. To create the butterfly house, you will need pine wood which can be purchased at your local hardware store.
  2. Grab the 1”x 8” x 8' board. With a measuring tape, mark three equal parts, each measuring 30” in length.
  3. Cut out the floor.
  4. Grab the 1”x 10” x 4' board.
  5. Make the roof.
  6. Create the slots.

Beside above, how do you attract butterflies to a butterfly house? How to Attract Butterflies to a Butterfly House

  1. Paint the butterfly house in bright colors. Butterflies are attracted to purple, red, yellows and pink.
  2. Plant flowers that attract butterflies.
  3. Place your flowerbed in a sunny location.
  4. Provide a water source.
  5. Plant host plants, the plants on which butterflies lay their eggs (see Resources).

Thereof, what do you put in a butterfly box?

Long strips of bark are placed inside the box. Supposedly the rough interior walls and bark provide perches for hibernating butterflies. Sometimes rotten bananas and other fruits are placed inside the box to lure butterflies inside. The boxes are normally erected in or near flower gardens a few feet above the ground.

How do you make a butterfly house for caterpillars?

Caterpillar House

  1. Step 1: A Jar or Box. You are going to need a glass jar to house up to 3 medium caterpillars or a box to house around 7+ medium caterpillars.
  2. Step 2: Some Leaves. Next you are going to need a supply of leaves.
  3. Step 3: Some Sticks and Twigs.
  4. Step 4: Water.
  5. Step 5: NO NO NO!!
  6. Step 6: Enjoy!
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