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How do you know when a neon tetra is going to lay eggs?

Check and see if the female(s) are gravid. In most egg-laying fish, including neons, the female's abdomen will swell with eggs. A gravid female is a good indicator that your neon tetras are about to spawn.

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Just so, how long does it take for a neon tetra to lay eggs?

around 24 hours

Likewise, how do neon tetra give birth? No, Neon tetras are not livebearers. Instead, they lay eggs after spawning. The female scatters the eggs at different parts of the tank and the male fish fertilizes them. The eggs hatch in about 24 hours.

People also ask, how do you know if a neon tetra is pregnant?

All I know is about live-bearers and when they are pregnant, they get a big belly and you can see, behind the anal fin, a "gravid spot" which is a dark spot. Neon tetras don't get pregnant, they spawn eggs, so it may be a big belly with eggs, or it could be food or it could be neon tetra disease.

What do Tetra eggs look like?

Look for the eggs. These are tiny clear globes; a black dot inside an egg means it was successfully fertilized. If you have Java moss or other plants or have placed a spawning mop at the bottom of your tank, you will see the eggs sticking to the leaves or yarn. Tetras do not care for their eggs and consider them food.

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