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How do you knock a hole in a ceramic sink?

Using a drill with 35mm hole saw suitable for ceramic or granite, or using the same size hole saw as your sink scorch mark, carefully and slowly using waster spray gun to keep dust levels down, drill very carefully and slowly your sink.

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People also ask, how do you repair a hole in a porcelain sink?

How to Repair a Ceramic or Porcelain Sink

  1. Step 1: Clean the Sink. Remove dirt, grime and residue from the sink, using water, household all-purpose cleaner and a sponge.
  2. Step 2: Sand the Damaged Area.
  3. Step 3: Apply Repair Compound.
  4. Step 4: Apply Porcelain Touch-up Paint.
  5. Step 5: Replace Sink (Optional)

Subsequently, question is, can you drill a hole in a composite sink? Use a carbide-tipped bit in a drill for this task. Drill from the underside up through the top. Plastic composites need the bit to run at a slower speed so the acrylic plastic does not melt during drilling. However, a faster drill speed works better for a rock composite sink, like quartz or granite.

In this regard, how do you make a ceramic sink hole bigger?

How to Make the Hole Wider in a Porcelain Sink

  1. Size up the hole with a diamond-tipped drill bit.
  2. Place the bit into your drill and press the bit slightly into the hole.
  3. Begin drilling at slow speed.
  4. Use a diamond-cutting hole saw if the size of the hole cannot be achieved with drill bits.

How do you install a composite kitchen sink?

How to Install a Composite Kitchen Sink

  1. Dry-fit the composite sink in the opening of the countertop.
  2. Set the sink on a work surface.
  3. Fasten the water-supply lines to the hot- and cold-water outlets.
  4. Run a bead of silicone caulking around the top of the drain opening.
  5. Fasten the drainpipe to the drainer basket, using nuts from the drainpipe's assembly kit.

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