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How do you kill the caterpillars in Mario?

Perform a ground pound near a red wiggler, causing the creature to flip over on its back. To ground pound, jump by pressing "A" on the Wii remote and then, while in the air, press the "Z" on the nunchuk. Perform a ground pound on the exposed belly of the helpless caterpillar.

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In this manner, is Wiggler a girl or boy?

Gender Male
Role Supporting Character and Contestant
Relationships none
Friends Petey, Monty, Majjigger, and Froggy

Similarly, how many legs does wiggler have? A: 6.

Moreover, what are the caterpillars in Mario called?

Wigglers (referred to as "Caterpillars") appear throughout several episodes of the Super Mario World animated series. Here, Wigglers are portrayed as being constantly angry and possessing large fangs.

How much HP does wiggler have?

HP 540
Power 73
Defense 46
Speed 24

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