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How do you kill chickweed in St Augustine grass?

Chickweed in the Lawn
Treat chickweed in your lawn with a lawn weed control product. To kill weeds and feed your lawns at the same time, use a product such as Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed or Scotts® Turf Builder® Triple Action. If your lawn has warm-season grass, such as St.

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Similarly, you may ask, how do you kill chickweed without killing grass?

For a natural herbicide, spray distilled white vinegar on patches of chickweed in your garden to kill them. You can also cut your grass frequently to keep it short and prevent the chickweed from going to seed and spreading.

Secondly, what product kills chickweed? It is possible to kill chickweed conventionally with weed-n-feed products or your run-of-the-mill broadleaf herbicide containing 2,4-D, mecoprop, and dicamba.

Consequently, how do I kill chickweed in my lawn?

How to Kill Chickweed in the Lawn. In lawn areas, pull chickweed from the ground to expose the soil. The soil should then be aerated with an aerator or shovel. If using a shovel, place gashes in the ground at least two to three inches deep and every one or two square foot.

Will St Augustine grass choke out weeds?

In normal,lightly weed infested augustine,the grass will choke out and overtake errant weeds,if mowed often. However,if weeds are prevalant,a chemical program is advised,along with manually removing unwanted growth. Different weeds take different herbicides,and local soil types come into play also.

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