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How do you keep peeled clementines from drying out?

Don't use canned fruit instead of fresh. They are full of sugar and most of the fiber and nutrients are lost in the processing. I peel clementines the night before and store them in a ziploc with the air sucked out in the fridge. They will dry out, but they're fine for a day.

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Consequently, how do you keep peeled oranges from drying out?

Lemon juice: Brush all the peeled slices with lemon juice. This will prevent the oranges from getting spoilt and will stay fresh for long. However, ensure that you do not use too much of the juice or else the orange might taste sour when you have it later on.

One may also ask, how do you store peeled clementines? They can be stored in the refrigerator; however, they should be left with the peel on. If you want to have them peeled and in water, place them in the freezer.

Furthermore, can you peel clementines ahead of time?

Fill the deli drawer of your refrigerator with clementines. This makes them easy to reach and eat for all family members. For ease in eating, you can peel them and put a couple in a Ziploc bag ahead of time.

Is it OK to eat clementine peel?

Clementine peels are most commonly used in oil production and to make candied peels, but there is no reason that you cannot eat them together with the inner flesh of the fruit.

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