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How do you keep lemons from molding?

Because citrus needs moisture in order to remain fresh, all you need to do is place your lemon in a bowl of water before putting it in the fridge. Another idea: Put them in a sealed plastic bag and make sure you remove all the air to prevent mold growth. You'll get up to three months of freshness with this method.

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Just so, how long can you keep lemons in the fridge?

4 weeks

Similarly, why do lemons go Mouldy so quickly? A: As with most fungi, fruit mold thrives in warm, damp environments. If you wash your lemons and set them in a bowl, water will pool at the bottom, which explains why the last lemon standing is usually the one that gets moldy first. Another cause of dampness in your fruit bowl is condensation.

Correspondingly, should you Refrigerate lemons?

While you can store citrus fruitout on the counter, it won't last nearly as long as when refrigerated. You can also store citrus fruit in a cool dark place, which is better than on the counter‚ but again, refrigeration is will significantly extend its life.

Why put a cut lemon next to your bed?

“The idea is that if you place slices of lemon next to your bed, then you will breathe in the subtle scent of lemon at night. Lemons also act as natural air fresheners and deodorizer—so while that lemon is on your nightstand, it's playing double duty, freshening the air around you and providing natural aromatherapy.

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