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How do you install Gator dust?

Individual bags must be kept in dry storage.
  1. Install the wetcast or natural stones on a maximum 1” (2.5cm) bedding sand.
  2. Hit the westcast or natural stones with a rubber mallet; this will make the Gator Dust settle firmly into the joints by removing any air pockets.
  3. Shower a specific 50 sq.

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Consequently, how much does Gator Dust cost?

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what should I put between flagstone? Get Sandy. Sand is traditionally used between the cracks of pavers. The small granules fill in the gaps between the stones without leaving spaces. Brush the sand into the flagstone gaps with a push broom.

In this way, how long does Gator dust take to harden?

Let your sprinkler run on it for about 1 hour. If there is a crust on the top of the sand or dust make small holes in the joints in order to allow the water to seep in. If it doesn't harden after a few days of good weather you will have to remove the sand/dust and redo it.

How much Gator dust do I need?

Gator Dust is recommended for a variety of uses, including patios, walkways and pool decks. The wetcast or natural stones must be installed on a drainage base system: maximum of 1˝ (2.5 cm) of bedding sand, plus a minimum of 6˝ (15 cm) of crushed stone compacted at 98% Proctor density. (See diagram on left.)

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