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How do you install a tank connector?

How to Install a Tank Adapter - Simple Instructions
  1. Drain the tank. If you can't drain the tank below where the adapter will be installed, prepare for a LOT of leakage and a sub-par install.
  2. Drill your hole.
  3. Install the inside of the adapter.
  4. Screw on the outside of the tank adapter.
  5. Hook up your pipe or valve.

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Furthermore, what is a byelaw 30 kit?

Byelaw 30 kits and Byelaw 60 kits consist of a set of components designed to protect the water in a cistern from contamination. They are intended for potable water cisterns, such as the cold water storage cistern in the loft. Byelaw 30 kits often come with new cisterns.

Likewise, what is a bulkhead adapter? A "bulkhead fitting" is an unusual item of plumbing designed to pass a connection through the sealed wall of a vessel. The essential item in constructing a bulkhead fitting is a male-female pair of straight-threaded adapters, which can tighten to form a clamp on both sides of the vessel wall.

Correspondingly, how does a bulkhead fitting work?

A bulkhead fitting allows piping connections to be made to a tank. A hole is cut in the tank into which the fitting body is inserted. A locknut threads onto the body to hold it in place. The locknut puts pressure on the gasket(s) that allows it to make a liquid tight seal.

What is a bulkhead fitting used for?

Bulkhead fittings are specially designed fittings meant to allow free flow of liquids in tank, drum drainage and other plumbing connections. These fittings are also used as distribution outlets in a piping system.

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