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How do you grow white sprouting broccoli?

Like other brassicas, white-sprouting broccoli thrives in a fairly heavy, alkaline soil – if your soil is acidic, add lime. Grow in a sheltered spot in firm, rich, well-drained soil in full sun. Plant deeply, 60cm apart, and protect from birds and insects. Water well after planting.

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Keeping this in view, how do you grow sprouted broccoli?

Sprouting broccoli can be sown during summer or in late winter for a head start on an autumn harvest. To achieve the latter, sow broccoli seeds in trays kept in the greenhouse and plant out in April once the ground has thawed. For a later harvest to stretch into winter next year, sow seeds in situ from April to July.

Likewise, can you grow broccoli in a grow bag? Broccoli is perfectly happy to be grown in pots. It does get a very wide spread, however, so plant only one per 5-gallon container. You can fit two to three plants in a 15-gallon container. Either plant them directly in your container or start them indoors – broccoli seeds germinate at 75-80 F.

Additionally, how long does sprouting broccoli take to mature?

four to seven days

How tall does purple sprouting broccoli grow?

5 feet

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