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How do you greet someone in Zulu?

Zulu Phrases
  1. English Greetings. Zulu Greetings:
  2. Hi! Sawubona! ( to a person) Sanibona! (
  3. Good morning! Sawubona! ( to a person) Sanibona! (
  4. Good evening! Sawubona! ( to a person)
  5. Welcome! ( to greet someone) Ngiyakwemukela! (
  6. How are you? Unjani?
  7. I'm fine, thanks! Ngikhona, ngiyabonga! / Ngiyaphila, ngiyabonga!
  8. And you? Wena unjani?

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In this way, which words do people in the Zulu culture use when greeting each other?

Useful Zulu phrases

English isiZulu (Zulu)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Sawubona (sg) Sanibonani (pl)
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Sawubona (sg) Sanibonani (pl)
Good evening (Evening greeting) Sawubona (sg) Sanibonani (pl)
Good night Lala kahle! (sg) Lalani kahle! (pl)

Secondly, how do you say Sawubona in Zulu? Sawubona means 'hello', 'good day' or 'good morning' in Zulu. You pronounce it sow:'b?h:nah, not sah:woo:boh:na.

Keeping this in view, how do you greet someone in Afrikaans?

When we say Good-bye to friends or relatives, we use the informal Lekker dag! You can also say Baai! In informal situations, Afrikaaner people, especially good friends, commonly greet each other by giving each other a quick hug. If you are unsure, you can just stick out your hand and give a firm handshake and a smile.

How do you respond to Sawubona?

Sawubona, is an ancient isiZulu greeting which means: We see you. It is equivalent to Hello and Namaste. So when we meet and greet I would say “sawubona” [we see you], and you will respond by saying “yebo, sawubona” [yes, we see you too].

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