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How do you get your elf on the shelf to come early?

Tips for Getting Your Elf to Come Back Early
  1. Write a note.
  2. Host a celebration.
  3. Make fake snow.
  4. Create a welcome zone.
  5. Put candy out.

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Then, when should Elf on Shelf arrive?

Your Scout Elf can arrive anytime during the holidays, but typically he or she will arrive at the beginning of your family's holiday celebrations and return to the North Pole with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Santa sends most of his Scout Elves during Scout Elf Return Week™, which runs from Nov. 23 to Dec.

Subsequently, question is, does Santa bring the elf on the shelf? Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a special scout is sent to your home from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves. The idea is that Santa's little helper watches the children by day, and each night, it returns to the North Pole to report on whether they were naughty or nice.

Herein, why is my elf on the shelf not coming?

It's too warm in your house. Elves live in the North Pole where the temperature is very cold. Often an elf will lose their magic over night when the temperature gets too warm or they use up too much energy making something for you.

Are Elf on the shelf really magical?

By hiding in a new spot each morning around the house, the scout elf plays an ongoing game of hide and seek with the family. The Elf on the Shelf explains that scout elves get their magic by being named and being loved by a child.

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