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How do you get rid of frogs and toads?

How to Kill Frogs
  1. Freeze them. Some frogs simply go into hibernation mode when they are very cold, so if you freeze them first, maybe they won't feel the pain when you kill them.
  2. Gig them. Use a frog gig or spear to catch and kill frogs.
  3. Spread or spray salt.
  4. Citrus acid seems to help.
  5. Orajel.
  6. Shoot them.

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Similarly, how can I get rid of frogs in my yard?

For small areas, spray CYPERMETHRIN where the frogs are nesting. Cypermethrin will kill the insects frogs need to eat and once their the food supply is gone, the frogs will be forced to leave. Add 1 oz per gallon of water and use it to spray up to 1000 sq/ft of surface area.

Also Know, can Salt Kill frogs? Salt can injure or kill frogs. Frogs die when they become dehydrated. Even spraying a saltwater solution on the pavement or the plants around your house burn the frogs' feet and legs when they touch the area. Although there are other ways to get rid of frogs, salt is a quick way to kill them.

In this manner, how do you keep frogs away from your house?

You can try the following methods:

  1. Spread salt or coffee grounds around the house;
  2. Use a solution of water and vinegar to repel tree frogs;
  3. Mix 1 lb of dry citric acid in 1 gallon of water and spray the frog-infested areas.

Does bleach kill frogs?

Bleach surprisingly has been used to ward of infestations of frogs, too. Mix 1/3 cup bleach to 3 gallons of water or just under 2 tablespoons per gallon. I would not recommending spraying this onto plants as bleach will most likely kill them.

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