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How do you fox proof a chicken run?

Since these predators are prevalent in urban areas, it is crucial that you have a fox proof chicken coop.

Prevent foxes from digging under
  1. Attach a permanent mesh bottom to the coop.
  2. Attach a mesh skirt to the bottom of the coop.
  3. Leave the bottom open but move them to a secure location at night.

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In this regard, how do you stop foxes from killing chickens?

Protecting Your Hens from Foxes

  1. Use Secure Fencing to Protect Your Flock. Good, secure and well maintained fencing is vital.
  2. Ensure your hens are locked up every night come rain or shine.
  3. Secure your coop from any Predator.
  4. A Monthly Check Up.
  5. Lights can Scare Foxes Away but…
  6. Pets Can Help Protect your Hens.

Furthermore, how do I fix proof my chicken coop? Make sure your chicken coop and run is burrow proof and your hens are securely inside at night. Keep your chicken feed secure with a treadle feeder and store it securely at night. Establish a chicken area perimeter with electric fencing to deter larger predators.

Also Know, do foxes dig under chicken runs?

A fox can scramble over a 6ft fence, jump up to 3ft, and of course, dig under. A fox can chew through chicken wire, so replace with weld mesh. Block any fox-sized holes in the ground, after making sure there's no one in.

What animals protect chickens from foxes?

Guinea hens make a racket if a predator comes near the flock. Guard dogs, if trained to leave chickens alone, are great at keeping foxes away from chickens. Dogs will also chase off coyotes and raccoons. Motion-sensitive lights can scare smaller creatures away at night.

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