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How do you fold jeans to make shelves?

Fold the jeans in thirds (fold the top half down to the middle and the bottom half down to the middle). When you fold your jeans efficiently, they will stack nicely in most drawers or on a closet shelf. Because they are folded so tightly, you may be able to fit two stacks in a single drawer.

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Likewise, people ask, how do you fold jeans to save space in drawers?

It might feel like overkill, but this super condensed way of folding jeans allows you to store 'em horizontally and pack more pants into each drawer. Fold the pants in half, placing one leg on top of the other with the back pockets facing out. Fold the pants upwards again, this time into thirds.

Likewise, how does Marie Kondo fold? To keep everything neat, Marie Kondo recommends folding underwear with her special KonMari folding method.

  1. Lay your underwear flat.
  2. Pull the crotch to the waistband (lengthwise)
  3. Fold the sides in so it creates a square.
  4. Fold the crotch to the waistband once more so that it stands up.

Also question is, how do you roll your pants to save space?

How to pack jeans:

  1. Lay the jeans flat and fold in half lengthwise.
  2. Lift one pant leg and fold it up diagonally. This piece will eventually cover the entire pair of jeans!
  3. Roll pants starting at the waist, leaving the diagonal piece out.
  4. Tuck the rolled denim into the extra pant leg.

How do you fold jeans to make pants?


  1. Smooth out the pockets. Insert your hand into each pocket, especially the largest ones, and push them to their furthest extent.
  2. Hold the jeans upright and shake once or twice.
  3. Fold one leg of the jeans over the other.
  4. Tuck the crotch under the legs (optional).
  5. Fold the pants in half or thirds, depending on space.

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