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How do you flatten a futon?

How to Flatten a Futon
  1. Grab the futon firmly and pull it out away from anywalls in the room.
  2. Search for the positioning handle on the futon.
  3. Squeeze the handle to disengage the lock and lift upward.
  4. Slowly walk backward as the futon unfolds and set thelegs of the futon gently down on the floor.

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Regarding this, how do I get my futon to lay flat?

Open a Trifold Futon Unfold the mattress (remember, it sits like anaccordion or folded in three) so that it's ready to lay onthe lower part. Lift up the seat and pull down the third deck. Itmay have legs that need to be manually adjusted, dependingon the model. Some legs will fall outautomatically.

Also Know, is it bad to sleep on a futon every night? Downsides to Sleeping on a Futon EveryNight Some of the downsides in using a futon as a bedevery night is the comfortability. Since futons dospread out to form a mattress area to sleep on, the metal orwooden slats that hold the mattress up could be uncomfortable andcan cause back pain problems.

Correspondingly, how do you move a futon?

How to Move a Futon

  1. Unzip and remove the cover from the futon mattress.
  2. Use an Allen wrench to remove the four arm bolts, two from eachside of the futon.
  3. Separate the two decks from each other, which make one largebed when flat.
  4. Place one deck on top of the other with the arms and legstouching.

Can you use a futon as a bed?

The answer is yes. Futons are meant to be used as aneveryday bed; however the question of comfort, quality andlongevity should be taken into consideration. Futonland offers thelargest selection of futon mattresses on the East Coast andwill help you pick the one that suits yourneeds.

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