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How do you fit sliding wardrobe doors to carpet?

Most sliding doors don't have a bottom track. If they do, though, first set your bottom track in place. Then use the pre-drilled holes to screw the track down to the floor. If your space has carpeting over a concrete slab, then put a piece of masking tape on the carpet before setting down the track.

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In respect to this, can you fit sliding doors on carpet?

Sliding Wardrobe Doors. If your floor is already covered with a thin carpet without separate underlay or with carpet tiles it is easy to install sliding wardrobe doors directly on top of this if the carpet surface is firm and level. Place this over the carpet and fix by screwing it through to the underlying floor.

Secondly, do sliding closet doors need bottom track? A common misconception is that closet door hardware, especially hardware for sliding closet doors, requires a bottom track. This means that, since the top track supports all of the weight, the optional bottom track is used only to help guide your sliding closet doors and bifold doors.

Just so, how do you fit howdens sliding wardrobe doors?

Make sure to fit the back doors first. Adjust the bottom wheels using a screwdriver, altering the height and angle of each door to suit your space. Turn the screw clockwise to raise the door and anti-clockwise to lower the door. 1 - Rotate the flag out and push down into the track.

Do you install closet doors before carpet?

If you're installing the jamb I would do it before the carpet so the jamb can rest on the ground. If it has a threshold you'll have to install it before the carpet. If you are installing a pre-hung door and only one side is carpeting, then it's easiest to cut off a bit of the bottom of the door before you install it.

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