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How do you find the p value for a left tailed test?

The P-value for conducting the left-tailed test H0 : μ = 3 versus HA : μ < 3 is the probability that we would observe a test statistic less than t* = -2.5 if the population mean μ really were 3. The P-value is therefore the area under a tn - 1 = t14 curve and to the left of the test statistic t* = -2.5.

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Then, how do I find the p value?

If your test statistic is positive, first find the probability that Z is greater than your test statistic (look up your test statistic on the Z-table, find its corresponding probability, and subtract it from one). Then double this result to get the p-value.

Additionally, why do we reject the null hypothesis when the p value is small? A crucial step in null hypothesis testing is finding the likelihood of the sample result if the null hypothesis were true. This probability is called the p value . A low p value means that the sample result would be unlikely if the null hypothesis were true and leads to the rejection of the null hypothesis.

Considering this, what does the P value mean?

In statistics, the p-value is the probability of obtaining the observed results of a test, assuming that the null hypothesis is correct. A smaller p-value means that there is stronger evidence in favor of the alternative hypothesis.

How do you find P value on calculator?

The p-value would be P(z <-2.01) or the area under the standard normal curve to the left of z = -2.01. Notice that the p-value is . 0222. We can find this value using the Normalcdf feature of the calculator found by pressing [2nd] [VARS] as noted above.

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