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How do you drill into steel studs?

Use a small drill bit, or even a finish nail inserted into a drill/driver, to drill holes in the drywall on each side of the stud to pinpoint the edges. It may require punching a few holes to accomplish it -- you can patch them later with caulk or even toothpaste. When you find both sides, mark the center of the stud.

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Regarding this, can you drill into a metal stud?

In order to hang items that need more support, it is possible to drill through metal studs. Titanium or cobalt drill bits are best suited for boring through metal. Once you've drilled your pilot holes, you'll want to use a toggle bolt to safely secure heavy items to the metal stud.

Similarly, do you drill into stud? Once you find the stud, get out your power drill. A large bit shouldn't be used when drilling into a stud since the stud is strong enough to support the weight of your hanging items without special hardware. Insert the drill and pull it out slowly once you've made your hole into the stud.

Besides, can you mount TV on metal studs?

When you have metal studs, mounting a TV or hanging a heavy picture on the wall becomes slightly more challenging. Unlike wood studs where you can simply drive lag bolts or screws straight into the 2×4 studs, metal studs are hallow and have thin walls.

What screws to use for steel studs?

Screw vs. Use fine drywall screws to hang drywall on steel studs with a 20- to 25-gauge rating. Use self-drilling drywall screws on 12- to 20-gauge studs. These types of screws have a sharper-than-average tips, with finer threads to deter stripping in metal, plus finer threads grip metal better than standard threads.

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