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How do you dress up a playhouse?

Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways to Dress Up a Playhouse
  1. The Playhouse, Before. Weather, leaves, dust, dirt and grime can take their toll on playhouse exteriors, rendering them unsafe or in need of major repair.
  2. Clean It Up.
  3. Rejuvenate the Roof.
  4. Spray On a New Hue.
  5. Color-Coordinate Your Playhouse.
  6. Add an Accent Color.
  7. Don't Forget the Flowers.
  8. Choose a Playful Door Hue.

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In respect to this, what should I put in my playhouse?

Fill a small plastic tub or bagh with a set of relevant toys that your child can carry to the playhouse. For a play kitchen, gather toy dishes, plastic food, utensils, and some aprons in one kit. Art supplies like modelling clay or paper and crayons are also a great way to enhance their creativity.

Secondly, how do you paint a wooden playhouse? Do's and Don'ts of Painting a Wooden Playhouse Like an Expert

  1. Do prepare ahead of time your playhouse for painting.
  2. Do seal any cracks around windows or doors.
  3. Do use a high quality primer to paint all of the wooden playhouse surfaces.
  4. Do use an exterior grade paint.
  5. Do paint over using the same type of paint used previously.
  6. Do paint from the top down.

Besides, how do you decorate a playhouse?

Ideas for Decorating the Outside of Your Playhouse

  1. Paint or stain it with a fresh, creative colour.
  2. Add plants or window boxes to really accentuate the 'home away from home' atmosphere of the playhouse and help it blend into the garden.
  3. Add lighting to make it look warmer and more inviting.

Where do you put a playhouse?

It's recommended to place your playhouse in a position that allows at least 18" (46cm) on all sides, avoiding any obstructions where possible. This will help to provide easier access when installing and maintaining your playhouse, as well as making sure the little ones aren't obstructed while they're playing.

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