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How do you describe Focus?

Here are some adjectives for focus: normal sharp, slowly nascent, hostile adept, sharper and brighter, intense pineal, completely amoral and self-serving, tactile sexual, excruciatingly clear, tight domestic, narrower and tighter, possible soft, supremely jaded, proximal femoral, traditionally narrow, fine-grained,

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Herein, what is a focus word?

The FOCUS word is usually the last content word in a phrase or sentence. In the sentences below notice the CONTENT and FOCUS words. Americans will pronounce these words with more emphasis than the other less important words. In longer sentences, there is a focus word in each phrase or thought group.

Additionally, what is the adjective of focus? k?st/ with your attention directed to what you want to do; with very clear aims focused ambitions a more focused approach She should do well at college this year—she's very focused.

Also asked, what is the definition of focus in science?

Scientific definitions for focus The degree of clarity with which an eye or optical instrument produces an image. A central point or region, such as the point at which an earthquake starts. Mathematics A fixed point or one of a pair of fixed points used in generating a curve such as an ellipse, parabola, or hyperbola.

What is the synonym of focus?

center, concentrate, fasten, rivet, train. Words Related to focus. aim, direct, home (in on), hone in (on), level, nail, point, set, zero (in on) attend, heed, mind.

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