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How do you deal with difficult customers interview question?

How to answer the dealing with a difficult customerinterview question.
  1. I listened carefully to what the customer had tosay.
  2. I apologised and empathised with their situation.
  3. I confirmed my understanding of their concern.
  4. I took responsibility to resolve the issue.
  5. I offered a solution (plus alternatives if possible).

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Also know, how do you handle difficult customers interview answer?

Dealing with them professionally

  1. Get control of yourself: Never argue with customers when theyare angry, displeased or complaining.
  2. Listen and let the customer vent: Tune in to the customer;don't look for the nearest exit.
  3. Show the customer you care: Show concern for the customer'sfeelings.

how would you handle a difficult or aggressive customer? 5 Simple Tips on What to do if you are Confronted by anAggressive Customer

  1. Keep calm and carry on.
  2. Control your body language.
  3. Be aware of personal space.
  4. Listen carefully to what the person has to say.
  5. Ask constructive questions to try and resolve thesituation.
  6. If all else fails.

Also question is, how do you deal with conflict with a customer?

12 Conflict Resolution Tips for Excellent CustomerService

  1. Allow customers to talk. Allow angry customers to talk andexpress their feelings until they release their frustration andcalm down.
  2. Show you care. Use empathy statements to show you understandthe customer's feelings or frustrations.
  3. Use the correct tone.
  4. Be neutral.
  5. Don't react.
  6. Focus.

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