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How do you cut TracPipe?

CUT TO LENGTH TracPipe® is marked every meter as an installation aid. Use a wheeled tube cutter with a stainless steel blade. Cut through plastic cover and stainless steel pipe ensuring blade is centred between two corrugations.

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Also question is, can you reuse TracPipe fittings?

DO NOT reuse connectors, fittings and valves; they are designed for use on original installation only. Removal of connector and additional handling may damage connector making it unsafe for reuse. You might also have to replace the flare fitting on the dryer as well.

Additionally, how far can I run a flexible gas line? 3 feet

Simply so, can TracPipe be used underground?

TracPipe® CounterStrike® cannot be directly buried in the ground. It must be in a non-metallic watertight conduit. TracPipe® CounterStrike® manufacturers an underground system which is pre-sleeved with the required watertight conduit called TracPipe® PS-II (patented).

Can you bury CSST gas pipe?

Can Pro-Flex CSST and Flak Jacket Arc-Resistant CSST be buried? Flexible gas piping systems [Pro-Flex CSST and Flak Jacket Arc Resistant CSST] may be used underground when routed in a water-tight, non-metallic conduit – no Pro-Flex fittings are allowed in the conduit.

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