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How do you cut decorative trim?

Cutting Decorative Moldings
When cutting decorative molding, cut backwards and upside down. Use a miter saw without giving a tilt to the blade. Prop the molding against a rigid support then set the miter angle. If you are going to use a compound miter saw, lay the molding face up with its back flat on a support.

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In this regard, how do you cut decorative Moulding?

Swing the blade of the miter saw 45 degrees to the left. Place the first piece of moulding upside down on the saw with the scrap end to the right. Brace the flat top of the moulding on the base of the saw and the flat bottom of the moulding against the saw's fence. Make a cut near the end of the moulding.

how do you deal with an inside corner? Cope straight with a miter saw Cut the 'straightaway' with a miter saw for a faster, straighter cope. Turn the molding upside down, set your saw at least 5 degrees to the right and cut straight down until you hit the curvy part. Some pros even nibble away at curved profiles with a miter saw.

Also know, can you nail polystyrene molding?

High Density Recycled Polystyrene Base mouldings can be glued, nailed or both. It cuts just like wood and it also copes just like wood. Apply a continuous ¼” bead of Heavy Duty construction adhesive such as Liquid Nails LN-901 along the back edges of the base moulding.

How do you cut a 22.5 degree angle?

Insert the handsaw on both sides of the miter box in the 22.5-degree slots on the fences. Use long and even handsaw strokes to cut at an angle of 22.5 degrees the baseboard or molding. After measuring the baseboard mark the location where you want to cut.

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