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How do you convert scientific notation to standard notation?

To change a number from scientific notation to standard form, move the decimal point to the left (if the exponent of ten is a negative number), or to the right (if the exponent is positive). You should move the point as many times as the exponent indicates. Do not write the power of ten anymore.

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Also, how do you convert scientific notation into decimal notation?

How to Convert a Number to Scientific Notation

  1. Move the decimal point in your number until there is only one non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point.
  2. Count how many places you moved the decimal point.
  3. If you moved the decimal to the left b is positive.

Furthermore, how many significant figures does 100 have? If you want the measurement to be 100 with three significant figures (implying an uncertainty of ), you could write it as 100. (with a trailing decimal point) or, less subtly, as , or (even better) with an explicit uncertainty such as or “100 to three significant figures”.

Just so, how do I get my calculator out of scientific notation?


  1. TI models: Press [SCI/ENG]. The display shows FLO SCI ENG. Use the left arrow key to select FLO.
  2. Casio models: Press [SHIFT][MODE][6:Fix]. You are then prompted to enter a number between 0 and 9.
  3. Sharp models: Press [SET UP] [1:FSE] [0:FIX]. This sets the calculator to use a fixed number of decimal places.

Which is a correct representation of .000025 in scientific notation?

are written in the scientific notation. If the decimal is shifting to right side, the power of 10 is negative and if the decimal is shifting to left side, the power of 10 is positive. As we are given the 0.000025 in standard notation. As, the decimal point is shifting to right side, thus the power of 10 is negative.

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