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How do you control cucumber mosaic virus?

  1. Purchase virus-free plants.
  2. Maintain strict aphid control.
  3. Remove all weeds since these may harbor both CMV and aphids.
  4. Immediately set aside plants with the above symptoms and obtain a diagnosis.
  5. Discard virus infected plants.
  6. Disinfest tools used for vegetative propagation frequently.

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Also to know is, how can we prevent mosaic virus?

Prevent Mosaic Viruses

  1. Plant resistant plants when available in your garden.
  2. Mosaic viruses are mostly spread by insects, especially aphids and leafhoppers.
  3. Control your weeds.
  4. To avoid tobacco mosaic virus, soak seeds in a 10 percent bleach solution before planting and avoid handling tobacco near plants.

Also Know, how can papaya mosaic virus be controlled? Affected fruits are small in size and malformed. Control: As soon as the disease symptoms are observed dusting Sulphur (30 g/10 litres of water) or spraying Calixin 75 EC (5 ml/10 litres of water) at 15 days interval helps to control the disease.

Additionally, how is cucumber mosaic virus spread?

Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) is a plant pathogenic virus in the family Bromoviridae. It can be transmitted from plant to plant both mechanically by sap and by aphids in a stylet-borne fashion. It can also be transmitted in seeds and by the parasitic weeds, Cuscuta sp. (dodder).

How do you control tomato mosaic virus?

Wash hands with soap and water before and during the handling of plants to reduce potential spread between plants. Disinfect tools regularly — ideally between each plant, as plants can be infected before showing obvious symptoms. Soaking tools for 1 minute in a 1:9 dilution of germicidal bleach is highly effective.

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