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How do you clean Hydroton?

Cleaning is simple. Use white vinegar, water, and a 5 gallon bucket drilled with 1/4" holes and you're good to go. Before use, it's best to ensure they're completely dry some throw them into an oven for 400 degrees until dry.

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Similarly, how do you clean and reuse Hydroton?

Clean your hydroton with boiling water and bleach. Boil water, add bleach, add hydroton, boil 30 minutes (long enough to get the chlorine bleach to evaporate out of the water,) and strain.

Also Know, are clay pebbles reusable? Luckily, they are reusable almost indefinitely. You usually want to rinse any built up silt or organic matter from it before reusing it, but unless you have an extreme salt build up in it, you can reuse it many times.

In respect to this, how do you use Hydroton clay pebbles?

How To Use Clay Pebbles

  1. Rinse expanded clay pebbles to remove excess dirt and debris.
  2. Fill plant container with clay pebbles.
  3. Sprinkle seeds over clay pebbles directly or transplant seedlings into system.
  4. Fill the reservoir with a nutrient enriched solution following the product's specifications.

How do you make Hydroton?

How to Correctly Prepare Hydroton / Clay Pellets for Use. Before putting the expanded clay pellets into a garden, you need to take the time to rinse and soak them, getting rid of any debris or dust that resides in the pores. You can use a bucket of water to moisten the pellets though you may need to rinse again.

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