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How do you clean a Stokke Tripp Trapp harness?

The straps are not very easy to remove and clean but if they are really dirty I just fill a container with soapy water, set it on the seat of the Tripp Trapp and dangle the straps into it until they are totally clean. After that I pat-dry them with a towel and then let them dry overnight.

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Moreover, how do you remove the Stokke Tripp Trapp harness?

The restraint system can be removed when your child has reached the age of 36 months AND is able to sit safely on TRIPP TRAPP®. Use a tool to remove the clip under the seat plate to detach the crotch strap. Use a screwdriver to detach the rest of the harness from the backrest.

Beside above, does the new baby set fit the old Tripp Trapp? The current ® Baby Set™ as well as the Newborn Set™ are compatible with all Tripp Trapp® chairs produced from May 2003. This corresponds to serial numbers starting with 3 or higher.

Likewise, is Tripp Trapp tray dishwasher safe?

Features: Available in clear, BPA-free plastic—made in the USA and certified for food contact by the FDA. For easy cleaning, the tray is dishwasher safe. Make sure that both the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™ and the tray is properly fastened prior to use.

How do you attach a harness to a Tripp Trapp?

In order to fit the Harness, you need to put the sliders onto the corners of the Tripp Trapp seat plate which then allow you to securely connect the Harness. To do so, you need to loosen the Tripp Trapp to allow the seat plate to slide out (having taken the Baby Set rail back off).

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