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How do you clean a Sharp microwave drawer?

Put the vinegar water solution in the microwave drawer and microwave for 7 minutes. Wait one minute, then put on oven mitts (the cup will be hot!), and remove the vinegar water. Sponge out the inside of the microwave.

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Similarly, it is asked, how do you remove a Sharp microwave drawer?

Manual before proceeding!

  1. Before removing Microwave Drawer, take measures to protect.
  2. Open the Drawer to access the 4 mounting screws holding the.
  3. Close Drawer and carefully pull the unit out from opening and.
  4. Remove top cover.
  5. Remove air cover from back of unit, then both side cabinets.
  6. Remove exhaust duct and back plate.

Similarly, how does a microwave drawer vent? A microwave drawer is just that: A microwave that functions as a drawer rather than a box with a hinged door. The point is to get it off your counter or out from under your cabinet — creating more space, especially if you need to install a hood vent over your stove and the microwave is blocking the way.

Moreover, are microwave drawers hard to clean?

Con: They're harder to clean. We already talked about how easy a drawer microwave is to clean. So then compare it with a countertop microwave and you have more parts to scrub. Sure, it can be done — it's just not as easy as a quick wipe-down. Plus, if you stash it high up, it's even harder to reach.

What is a drawer style microwave?

Microwave drawers are elegant, low-profile appliances that compliment the style of any kitchen. The Sharp Stainless Steel Easy Open Microwave Drawer features concealed, touch glass controls. The controls are positioned at a 45-degree angle for convenient use. The glass also allows for easy cleaning.

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