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How do you check a shaft and coupling alignment?

Angular Alignment
  1. Insert the feeler gauge between the coupling faces of the shafts.
  2. After the feeler gauge is put, both couplings are rotated half way simultaneously.
  3. The readings on the feeler gauge are checked at four points on the shaft coupling.

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Herein, what tool is used to check shaft or coupling alignment?

The necessary tools used for checking the alignment of a flexible coupling are a straightedge and a taper gauge or a set of feeler gauges, or by use of dial indicators.

One may also ask, why is shaft alignment important? The Importance of Motor Shaft Alignment. Proper motor shaft alignment increases the operating life span of rotating machinery. While misalignment has no measurable effect on motor efficiency, correct shaft alignment ensures the smooth, efficient transmission of power from the motor to the driven equipment.

Subsequently, question is, how do you calculate alignment reading?

Calculating the Front Feet and Rear Feet Positions

  1. Face TIR = Total Indicator Reading from the Face Dial.
  2. Rim TIR = Total Indicator Reading from the Rim Dial.
  3. A = the diameter of the face dial indicator travel.
  4. B = the distance from the Rim dial indicator plunger to the movable machine's front feet bolt center.

What are the five types of alignment in Word?

There are four types of paragraph alignment available in Microsoft Word — left-aligned, center-aligned, rightaligned, and justified.

  • Left-Aligned Text. A paragraph's text is left aligned when it is aligned evenly along the left margin.
  • Center Aligned Text.
  • Right-Aligned Text.
  • Justified Text.

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