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How do you change the time on a Smeg microwave?

Press the (+) and (-) keys to select the desired time. Turn the left control to the Microwave & Grill position The operating time indicator light**** and display numbers start to flash.

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In this way, how do I change the time on my Smeg?

How to adjust the time clock or set the time on a SMEG cooker. Note the two buttons outlined in RED. Press both buttons and hold down with left hand. Then use the plus + and minus - buttons to set the time.

Furthermore, why is my Smeg oven not heating up? The first thing you need to check is that the oven timer is not on auto if it is turn it on to manual. If the fan is running and the thermostat light comes on but you get no heat (or just the thermostat light on in non-fan ovens and cookers) then the probability is that the fan element or oven elements have failed.

Secondly, how do I set the time on my oven?

To set the time, turn and hold the Timer knob to the clock symbol and at the same time turn the Adjusting knob left or right until the clock shows the time of day. Remember this is a 24-hour clock. Let go of the Timer knob and it will spring back to the vertical, oven manual setting.

What do the symbols on a Smeg oven mean?

For example , the symbol for convection cooking indicates that the top and bottom element will operate; the fan assisted symbol indicates that the top and bottom element is operating along with the fan; the fan-forced symbol indicates that the rear element and fan is operating.

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