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How do you calibrate Scotts drop spreader?

IT IS NECESSARY TO CALIBRATE YOUR SPREADER AFTER ASSEMBLING IT OR IT MAY SPREAD THE INCORRECT AMOUNT OF PRODUCT. Turn micrometer until 6 is centered in window. If the shutoff bar covers the calibration line, turn the adjustment screw counter-clockwise. If the bar is below the line, turn the adjustment screw clockwise.

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People also ask, how do you calibrate a spreader?

To calibrate your spreader for an application of fertilizer to your lawn:

  1. Determine the amount of fertilizer needed for 100 sq. ft.
  2. Place this amount in the spreader.
  3. Mark off the area. For a rotary spreader, use a 10-foot by 10-foot area (100 sq.
  4. Apply using the suggested setting.

what setting should I use on my Scotts spreader? For application using a pushed broadcast spreader, Scotts recommends a setting of 5 1/2 when overseeding and a bare-lawn setting of 8 1/4. With a handheld broadcast spreader, Scotts recommends a setting of 4 when overseeding or seeding a new lawn but suggests that the sower make two perpendicular passes for new areas.

Also know, what do numbers on Scotts drop spreader mean?

If it is a Scotts basic broadcast spreader, the number represents the number of pounds of fertilizer placed over 1000 sq ft.

How do you calibrate Earthway spreader?

EV-N-SPRED ® Calibration Techniques

  1. Open the shut-off so that the drop holes are completely open as illustrated.
  2. Review the Control Lever position - if it is set so that the forward edge is at #30, you are calibrated. If not you need to adjust the control rod at the pivot bracket shown in Fig 1.

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