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How do you calculate stone for a driveway?

Measure the length and width of your driveway in feet. Multiply the length by the width to get surface area and divide the result by three because 4 inches is 1/3 of a foot. You now have the volume of gravel needed in cubic feet. Divide the volume in cubic feet by 27 because there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.

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In this regard, how do I calculate how much stone I need for my driveway?

To measure the driveway in cubic feet, multiply the length by width by depth. For cubic yards, divide the total cubic feet by 27. Because one cubic yard of gravel is equal to 1.13 tons, you can multiply your total cubic yards by 1.13 to convert this measurement to tons.

One may also ask, how much does a yard of crushed stone cover? You will have to know that the standard weight contractors use for crushed stone is 2700 pounds per cubic yard. Multiply the number of cubic yards by 2700 and divide by 2000. This value is the number of tons that you will need.

what size gravel is best for driveways?

In general, driveway gravel should be relatively large, between about 3/8 and 3/4 inch in diameter, as compared to the gravel used for footpaths, which is typically 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter.

How do you calculate gravel coverage?

  1. Determine the length and width of a cuboidal excavation.
  2. Calculate the area of the excavation, multiplying the length and width together.
  3. Determine the depth of the excavation.
  4. Multiply the area and depth of the excavation to obtain its volume: 18 * 2 = 36 yd³ .

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