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How do you bring back a Japanese maple tree?

Diagnose the problem before pursuing a course of action.
  1. Check the soil drainage around the Japanese maple.
  2. Carefully dig the tree out with a shovel.
  3. Look at the leaves of the dying Japanese maple.
  4. Prune out dead and wilted branches as you see them, leaving 1/2-inch downward-slanting stubs that will drain moisture.

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Keeping this in consideration, will my Japanese maple come back?

Japanese maples lose their leaves every fall, so they will appear to be dead until spring when new growth appears. If the tree is still leafless in June after several weeks of spring, it is most likely dead and can be removed.

One may also ask, why are branches dying on my Japanese maple? Japanese maples can drop leaves during the growing season when stressed due to over- or under-watering, too much fertilizer or extreme heat. These branches are usually not dead and leaves grow back when conditions improve.

One may also ask, what's wrong with my Japanese maple tree?

The most common Japanese maple diseases are caused by fungal infection. Canker can attack through bark damage. Verticillium wilt is another common Japanese maple disease. It is a soil dwelling fungus with symptoms that include yellowing leaves that fall prematurely.

Can you overwater a Japanese maple?

As mentioned earlier, Japanese maples don't like to grow in soggy soil. Nothing short of an errant lawnmower will kill a Japanese maple more quickly than overwatering. If you are growing Japanese maples in your landscape, they should not be watered on a daily basis.

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