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How do you bring a chilli plant back to life?

How to revive a chilli plant
  1. 1 Prune. Dead leaves and damaged stalks blighted my poor plants, so a (severe) haircut was in order. A snip here, snip there.
  2. 2 Re-pot. Tip them out of their (undersized) plant pots and into something larger.
  3. 3 Feed. My poor plants have been starved of nutrients, so they need a feed.

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Also, why is my chilli plant dying?

Occasionally, chillies wilt because they're baking in the hot sun. If you're watering your plants sufficiently, the cause is likely fungal wilt. A chilli plant that is wilting from lack of water will recover quickly. I recommend mixing up some good liquid fertiliser and giving your wilting chilli plants a good drink.

Likewise, can you over water a chilli plant? Keep the early soil and budding plants constantly moist, but do not over water. Keep them warm (80 -85 degrees F is best) and in a sunlit place. If this is your first time growing your chili peppers from seeds, learn more about growing chili peppers from seed.

Accordingly, do chilli plants regrow?

Although Chillies are actually perennial plants, because the cold temperatures normally kill them off, most people plant them as annuals. But given the right conditions and care, you can take a Chilli plant through the cold months and have it survive to flourish again in Spring and produce more fruit for many seasons.

Do chilli plants need direct sunlight?

Chilli plants love heat. Chillies also don't mind humidity as much as sweet peppers or tomatoes do. Most people will need to grow chillis in full sun. In the hottest, sunniest regions chillies still grow well with a bit of shade.

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