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How do you apply PVC edge bands?


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Also asked, how do you use an edge band?

To avoid loose edge banding, sand the edges of the plywood smooth before you apply it. To keep from rounding edges while you sand, wrap a quarter sheet of 120-grit sandpaper around a small block of 3/4-in. plywood and screw another scrap to it as a guide.

Furthermore, can you edge band MDF? Edge banding is real wood veneer that is pre-sanded and available in a 7/8" width. This is ideal for 3/4" thick sheet goods such as plywood and MDF because it allows a bit of overhang and makes it easy to trim it to a flush edge. Edge banding is very easy to work with.

what is PVC edge banding?

In Layman's terms, edge banding is a thin material used to seal the exposed and raw edges of plywood. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Edge banding is made from thermoplastic resin and is known to be both flexible and durable.

Can you paint edge banding?

If you've never heard of Edge Banding it's literally a band of material which is made out of wood, wood veneer, acrylic, melamine or PCV. For a painted finish, any sand-able edge banding will work.

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