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How do you adjust the parking brake on a Chrysler Town and Country?

Take off the locking pliers. This makes the parking brake automatic adjuster put the right amount of tension on all three of the brake cables. Press on the brake pedal and then release the brake pedal one time. This sets the automatic adjuster to finish adjusting all of the parking brake cables.

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People also ask, how do you remove a caliper parking brake cable?

How to Remove an Emergency Brake Cable From a Caliper

  1. Lift the rear end of the vehicle using a jack then place it on jack stands.
  2. Locate the rear brake caliper.
  3. Hold down the locking tabs on the emergency brake cable using a flat head screwdriver then pull the cable out of the emergency brake bracket.

Likewise, how does a caravan handbrake work? When you put on the handbrake in an automatic transmission vehicle, you also put the transmission in park (and if it's a manual vehicle, in gear). Caravans don't have gears or wheels that turn into the gutter to assist holding them on a hill; the park brake does it all when the van is decoupled.

Also to know, how do you attach the caliper to the emergency brake cable?

Connect the parking brake cable to the parking brake lever on the caliper, if equipped with rear disc brakes. If equipped with rear drum brakes, thread the cable end through the opening in the backing plate and then connect the cable end to the brake shoe lever.

How do you release the emergency brake on a Dodge Caravan?

How to Use Dodge Truck Parking Brakes

  1. Turn the engine of the truck off and locate the parking-brake pedal, which is below the lower left corner of the dashboard/instrument cluster.
  2. Press down with your foot on the parking-brake pedal.
  3. Pull the parking-brake release handle to release the brake.

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