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How do you adjust Salomon ski bindings?

Insert a flat head screwdriver into the spring screw,located on the back of the heel piece and on the front of the toepiece. Use the numbered DIN indicator window to properly set yourtoe and heel pieces at your specified tension (demonstrated inimages below). Next, the STH binding requires a toe wingadjustment.

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Considering this, how do you adjust ski bindings?


  1. Adjust the front of the binding.
  2. Position a ski boot in the ski binding so that the toe of theboot is fitted into the front of the binding.
  3. Calculate your DIN.
  4. Adjust your toe piece to match your DIN settings.
  5. Adjust the back of the binding.
  6. Test the fit.

Beside above, can you remount ski bindings? The art of remounting skis involves removing theski bindings, plugging up the holes and remounting anew set of bindings (or the old ones) in a differentposition. If you haven't considered it, you certainlyare not alone, but there are some great benefits to remountingskis.

Similarly one may ask, how do you know if your skis need wax?

You can also look at your base to see ifit looks dry or cloudy. These are both signs that yourskis need to be waxed. Ski 'N See offers bothhand and machine hot wax separate from a full tune-up ifyour skis need to be waxed, but your edges andbase are still in good condition.

Can I mount my own ski bindings?

Certified ski technicians can mount yourbindings onto your skis. It's a simple process: drillholes into skis, add a dab of glue in the holes and screwthe bindings down. Some DIY diehards rely on theirown free drilling or use a drill press. You can even getpaper jigs or universal jigs to help withself-mounting.

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