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How do surge protected extension leads work?

A surge protector looks a bit like a plug adapter or a multi-socket power strip, but built-in technology means it protects connected devices by absorbing excess voltage. Over time a surge protector will extend the life of your electronics.

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Similarly, you may ask, is it safe to plug a surge protector into an extension cord?

On paper, yes, you can. The biggest thing is making sure the extension cord can handle the same amount of load as the surge protector (or more). Otherwise, you risk putting too much load on the extension cord and creating a fire hazard for yourself.

Furthermore, how Does a surge protector breaker work? A whole-home surge protector is a device that's installed in your electric circuit breaker box or main point of power entry to your home. It protects your appliances by: Detecting the voltage spikes. Diverting the excess current safely through your home's grounding path.

Likewise, people ask, do surge protectors actually work?

While they aren't perfect, they really do protect computers and other electronic devices from all but the strongest power surges. While they can be ineffective against direct lightning strikes, a quality surge protector can stop most strong power surges and prevent them from damaging the gear that's plugged into them.

How does a surge diverter work?

Surge diverters work by capturing the excess electricity that would otherwise be absorbed into the house's electrical circuit. They will help protect the property by diverting this power away from the house by “shunting” it to the earth. Any electricity over 260 volts will automatically be diverted to the ground.

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