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How do Pottery Barn rewards work?

Customers receive one Reward Dollar for every dollar spent with the Pottery Barn credit card at any Pottery Barn brand catalog, store or website. Reward Dollars are awarded based on accrued purchases minus returns and credits. Customers will receive a $25 Reward Certificate for every $250 spent.

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Furthermore, how do you redeem Pottery Barn key rewards?

How The Key Works

  1. Enroll. Enrolling in-store or online. is fast, free and easy. Register. your phone number to use your.
  2. Shop & Earn. Earn 3% back in rewards when. you shop with our brands. Every time you earn at least $15,
  3. Redeem your Rewards. Use your rewards in-store or. online, at any of our brands. View and track your.

Beside above, how do I redeem my key rewards?

  1. No, to earn points for credit card purchases, a checking account at KeyBank is not necessary.
  2. To redeem your rewards:
  3. Please wait approximately 48 hours after enrollment in KeyBank Rewards to access the site.
  4. Call the Rewards Call Center at 1-888-333-7780 weekdays 7 am to 9 pm EST, weekends 9 am to 6 pm.

Then, how long does it take to get Pottery Barn rewards certificate?

At the end of each billing cycle, you will earn a Rewards Certificate if you have accumulated at least 250 points. Rewards Certificates must be used within 180 days of the date of issue.

Can I use Pottery Barn rewards certificate at Williams Sonoma?

Key Holders are eligible to earn rewards every time they shop online, in store or on the phone via our Care Center at any Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, west elm, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home and Mark and Graham, including Outlet locations.

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