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How do I use modules in terraform?

The . tf files in your working directory when you run terraform plan or terraform apply together form the root module. That module may call other modules and connect them together by passing output values from one to input values of another. To learn how to use modules, see the Modules configuration section.

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Keeping this in view, what is .terraform folder?

The modules are downloaded into a local . terraform folder. terraform folder is created relative to your current working directory regardless of the dir argument given to this command. If a module is already downloaded and the -update flag is not set, Terraform will do nothing.

what are .TF files? The TF file type is primarily associated with Inventor by Autodesk, Inc. Transcripting is a method of recording every input action that you perform in Autodesk Inventor. Transcript files have a . TF file extension and are located in the folder you specify.

Also asked, how do you test terraform modules?

To run a test you need to provide a Terraform file and a Go test. Then you simply call go test and Terratest takes care of init ing and apply ing your infrastructure. It performs some tests then destroy s.

How do you write a terraform module?

In This Guide:

  1. Before You Begin.
  2. Standard Module Structure.
  3. Create the Linode StackScripts Module. Create the Linodes Module. Create the StackScripts Module. Create the Root Module.
  4. Initialize, Plan and Apply the Terraform Configuration.
  5. Version Control Your Terraform Module. Invoking Your GitHub-Hosted Module.

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