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How do I update my Pentair firmware?

Once you have a good connection, press “Install Update” in your Pentair Link2O Technology App to install the Host Firmware Update. Once the update begins, a screen will appear that says, “Device Updating!” Do not disconnect power from your IntelliConnect during this installation process.

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Thereof, how do I update my Pentair Easytouch firmware?

The firmware version can be found on the label on the side of the protocol adapter.

Step 1: Update your Protocol Adapter

  1. Close the update tool.
  2. Restart the update program.
  3. If a second attempt to update fails, then contact Pentair Technical Support for more information.

Similarly, what is Pentair ScreenLogic? The ScreenLogic Interface Wireless Bundle combines the protocol adapter and Wireless Link into one convenient package. The ScreenLogic 2 User Interface enables users to control their pool and spa features using wireless devices including Android, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MAC, PC and Microsoft Windows Computers.

Accordingly, how do I reset my Pentair protocol adapter?

You can use a paper clip to reset the Protocol Adapter by pressing the recessed reset button. You canunplug and plug back in the wireless router to reset it. 3. Verify the wiring to the protocol adapter and IntelliTouch Load Center.

How do I update ScreenLogic?

STEP 1: UPDATE YOUR PROTOCOL ADAPTER The firmware version can be found on the label on the side of the protocol adapter. ScreenLogic is available for your iOS and Android devices. Please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Download the Protocol Adapter update tool (available for PC and Mac):

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