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How do I unclog my AC in my car?

How to Unclog a Car's Air Conditioning Drain
  1. Park your car on a flat surface with adequate lighting, and engage the emergency brake.
  2. Cut about 1 foot of metal wire and form a hook at one of the ends.
  3. Go underneath the engine and locate the AC drain tube, which is a small rubber hose.
  4. Insert the wire, hook first, into the AC drain tube.

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In this regard, what causes AC drain to clog in car?

When the inside of the evaporator is clogged with debris, it causes an inconsistent flow of the air into the vents. The inside of the vehicle is developing a bad smell: Since the evaporator is located between the dashboard and the firewall, it can develop a bad smell when it's clogged with excess bacteria and debris.

Also, can a clogged AC drain Car symptoms? If you hear sloshing water sounds from behind your car's dashboard, chances are your AC drain line/pipe is clogged with debris. The sloshing noise may be especially noticeable when making turns as well as having a damp floorboard.

Besides, how much does it cost to unclog an AC drain in a car?

Cars Estimate Average Dealer Price
2015 Ford F-150 $80 $107.50
2011 Honda Accord $80 $107.50
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee $80 $107.50
2014 BMW 750Li $80 $107.50

What happens if AC drain is clogged?

A clogged evaporator drain won't cause a loss of cooling directly, but it can sometimes trigger devices that automatically switch off the air conditioner. When the water in the drain pan rises to a certain level, which would happen if the drain was clogged, the water triggers the switch to turn off the air conditioner.

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