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How do I turn on the heating on my Vaillant ecoTEC Plus?

Turn the boiler ON by turning the ON/OFF control (5) from the '0' position to the 'I' position. The radiator temperature control (2) sets the maximum radiator temperature. Check that the remote programmer is in an on setting (see separate programmer instructions) and check that the room thermostat is calling for heat.

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In this regard, what temperature should my Vaillant boiler be set at?

If the boiler is heating hot water then it will need to be set at least 5-6° above the target hot water temperature which is ideally set to 55° making the boiler need to be at least 60°.

Secondly, what does a flashing radiator sign mean on Vaillant boiler? About radiators You might be thinking what does a flashing sign mean on a vaillant boiler? The flashing radiator simply signifies that the boiler has acknowledged a heating demand and is getting through. Usually solid when the burner is working. It flashes when the pump is circulating to dispute residual heat.

Secondly, why is my Vaillant boiler not working?

This fault, particularly common for the Vaillant Turbomax, is caused by a faulty ignition, or no gas getting to the boiler. The Fix: Firstly, check the condition of the ignition leads – is a spark being generated? If there is a spark, check the power to the gas valve and see if gas is flowing through.

How do I turn off Vaillant comfort mode?

Turn the hot water (Top one) dial all the way round to the left hold there for about 3 seconds then the green light will go off.

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