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How do I take the draw out of my Bosch washing machine?

Step by step guide
  1. Remove the detergent drawer from the washing machine by operating the middle lock and sliding it out.
  2. Allow the detergent drawer to soak in a wash basin and remove any stubborn residues with a cleaning cloth or small brush such as a toothbrush.

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Likewise, people ask, why is the fabric conditioner not going through my washing machine?

2 Answers. If the fabric softener is still in the fabric compartment at the end of the wash and it hasn't been taken out it could be because the washing machine has aborted the program before reaching the section where the softener gets taken. Once this fault has been fixed the fabric conditioner should flush in OK.

Additionally, what are the 3 compartments in a Bosch washing machine drawer? There are three compartments in the pull-out dispenser: the left one has a "II" mark, the middle one has a sort of flower mark and the right one has "I" on it.

Regarding this, how do you unclog a fabric softener dispenser?

Add enough warm water to cover the dispenser. Mix in a tablespoon or two of liquid laundry soap, swirling it into the water with your hand. Allow the dispenser to soak for 10 minutes or so, touching the fabric softener buildup to see if it has loosened. If not, soak the dispenser for another 20 minutes.

How do you get hardened detergent out of a washing machine?

Once a month run an empty, large load, with 2 – 4 cups of white vinegar, depending on the capacity of the machine. The acidity of the vinegar helps dissolve the detergent and lime scale build up that may accumulate on the agitator and wash tub of a washing machine.

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